Bison - Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle
Wolf - Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle
Moose - Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

20 oz Sidewinder™ Wide Mouth Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle - Rocky Mountain Series

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Introducing for a limited time, our Rocky Mountain Series of Sidewinder insulated water bottles. Available in Bison, Wolf, or Moose.  It's the same great bottle you love now with the laser etched Rocky Mountain wildlife of your choice.

Never Lose Your Lid™

  • USA Patented and International Patents
  • BPA Free
  • Vacuum insulated
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Loop top is easy to carry
  • Magnetic lid
  • Wide mouth is easy to clean and fill
  • Fits standard cup holders
  • Branded water bottles and coffee mugs available (For Pricing and Info go HERE)


Customer Reviews

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First of all, magnets are so cool, aren't they? So, for this series, we decided to embed a strip of magnetic stainless in-between the two layers of food grade 18/8 stainless that create the vacuum bottle. Then we placed a magnet in the lid, all you do is unthread the lid and stick it to the bottles magnetic collar - it's a magnetic tether for your lid. Our patented technologies simplify your life. Now you can drink and fill your bottle then go about your day without worrying about where your lid rolled off to. You Won't Lose Your Lid™ Check out our infographic to see how we make it all work.