Collab Level 1000 Liquid Hardware & Art 4 All

If you've spent any time in a mountain town, at a music festival, or river launch you've probably seen an Art 4 All hat with the distinctive and beautiful artwork of Abby Paffrath.  Abby's artist series trucker hats are beautiful and unique; they've taken fly shops, mountain lakes and music festivals by storm.  

When Abby approached Liquid Hardware's founder, Steve Kitto, about the possibility of putting her artwork on our bottles it was kind of a "no brainer."  Steve had just finished up two new bottles "Melted Colors" and "Granite Big Wall" that use a process called hydrographic dipping to put nearly any image or artwork onto our bottles with a beautiful and durable finish.

The hardest part was just picking the first piece of artwork to do.  After much debate, we settled on Abby's piece "Colorful Totanka"

Abby Paffrath Colorful Totanka artwork

Since both Liquid Hardware and Art 4 All are based right here in the Tetons it seemed like a good choice.  

The Totanka bottles turned out even better than we imagined and the response has been fantastic.  Abby's artwork goes from head to hand. It's a beautiful insulated bottle perfect for morning coffee or cold water on your hike and with our patented magnetic lid tether you're sure to "Never lose your lid!"

Abby and Steve are already working on the next piece of Abby's art to adorn our bottles to be released this Fall.

Abby Paffrath and Steve Kitto | Liquid Hardware and Art 4 All Collab

*Photo Credit: Tested in Idaho