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2019 Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Place your order by the below dates in order to receive them by Christmas.  (All dates below include Alaska and Hawaii) Monday, December 16th: Place an order with custom engraving, logos, initials, etc. by 12:00 PM Mountain Time in order to ensure Christmas Delivery. Wednesday, December 18th: Last day for First Class Mail/Free Shipping. Thursday, December 19th: Last Day for Priority Mail. Friday, December 20th: Last Day for Priority Mail Express. Have Questions?  We're here to help or 208-557-9848 Happy Holidays from all of us here at Liquid Hardware!

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How To Make Perfect Coffee No Matter Which Coffee Maker You Choose

Make a fantastic cup every time with this comprehensive guide to using five different types of coffee maker. Legend has it that we have restless Ethiopian goats to thank for coffee. As the story goes, a goat herder called Kaldi spotted a link between his goats eating berries from a certain tree and being too energetic to sleep at night, so he investigated the berries himself. From there, word of coffee’s magical taste and energizing qualities spread first to the Arabian peninsula and then eventually to Europe in the 17th century. Coffee is now everywhere and the health benefits of drinking it evidently extend well beyond an extra jolt of energy. You can expect to enjoy those benefits whichever method...

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Top 5 Hiking Safety Tips

We know that a lot of our friends, fans & customers are avid hikers.  We want everyone to stay as safe as possible out on the trails so here are five hiking safety tips from our friends at The Adventure Lab Whether you’re out for a day hike or a month-long backpacking trip, safety should be your number one priority outside. Sure, we all want to have fun and enjoy the beauty of nature, but, more importantly, at the end of our trip, we want to return home happy, healthy, and ready for the next adventure. The 5 tips below cover the basics for staying safe outside. Follow these and you'll drastically increase your chances of returning home from your...

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