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Stay Safe and Healthy with our Magnetic Lid Tether Technology!

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Liquid Hardware - Founded in 2011

Take a look and see how our patented magnetic lid technology will help you to Never Lose Your Lid™. The magnetic lid tether will also help you stay healthy and safe by keeping your lid off dirty counters and surfaces while you're filling up your mug or drinking from your bottle. Whether you're out camping, fishing, hiking, skiing, hanging at the coffee shop, spending time at the home office or just kicking around town we have you covered. We guarantee that our insulated water bottles and coffee mugs won't leak, spill, and you'll never lose your lid!

We're an Idaho based company determined to be the best. We take pride in crafting and designing the most functional, safe, easy to clean, stainless steel water bottles, coffee mugs, and containers on the planet!

Get Ready For Winter Adventure With A Vacuum Insulated Coffee Mug or Water Bottle. Enjoy Skiing, Snowshoeing , Hiking, Trips Into The Backcountry or a Road Trip Adventure With The Aurora Magnetic Coffee Travel Mug Or Sidewinder Magnetic Water Bottle!