How to Start a Cup Rental Program

How to start a cup rental program for your music festival, race series, or farmers market.

Here at Liquid Hardware, we hate plastic, single-use plastic cups especially. So it’s been our pleasure to help numerous organizations to reduce and even eliminate plastic waste from their events with our stainless steel cups. In our first year working with Music on Main, right here in Victor, we were able to reduce plastic cup use by 45% and keep 188 pounds of plastic waste out of the landfill.  1,892 concert goers chose to rent a cup!

cup rental program

Putting a cup rental program in place at your event is easy and not only does it help eliminate waste it helps you increase revenue and reduce costs.

Benefits: Reduce your reliability on plastic and reduce waste. Save money by not having to purchase plastic cups, custom branding on the reusable cups is great advertising that lasts! Increase revenue by selling cups.

Here’s how it works: Email to request a free sample stainless pint cup with your organization's logo on it. We’ll help you get the right cup at the right cost and on time for your event(s). You can then sell the cups at your event, most of the time cups sell for $8 - $12 and can be returned at the end of the event for a refund or kept as a gift, memento or used at the next event.

We have seen that about 75% of people keep the cups. Cups that are returned can be easily washed and re-used at the next event. You can even partner with a local restaurant to have the cups cleaned in exchange for some advertising or sponsorship of the event.

Starting a cup rental program is a win win win. Let us help you get started.

cup rental program