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Collab Level 1000 Liquid Hardware & Art 4 All

If you've spent any time in a mountain town, at a music festival, or river launch you've probably seen an Art 4 All hat with the distinctive and beautiful artwork of Abby Paffrath.  Abby's artist series trucker hats are beautiful and unique; they've taken fly shops, mountain lakes and music festivals by storm.   When Abby approached Liquid Hardware's founder, Steve Kitto, about the possibility of putting her artwork on our bottles it was kind of a "no brainer."  Steve had just finished up two new bottles "Melted Colors" and "Granite Big Wall" that use a process called hydrographic dipping to put nearly any image or artwork onto our bottles with a beautiful and durable finish. The hardest part was just picking...

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How to Start a Cup Rental Program

How to start a cup rental program for your music festival, race series, or farmers market.Here at Liquid Hardware, we hate plastic, single-use plastic cups especially. So it’s been our pleasure to help numerous organizations to reduce and even eliminate plastic waste from their events with our stainless steel cups. In our first year working with Music on Main, right here in Victor, we were able to reduce plastic cup use by 45% and keep 188 pounds of plastic waste out of the landfill.  1,892 concert goers chose to rent a cup! Putting a cup rental program in place at your event is easy and not only does it help eliminate waste it helps you increase revenue and reduce costs. Benefits: Reduce...

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How to Make Stovetop Espresso

When I started working here I was surprised to find out that Steve, the founder here at Liquid Hardware, and myself make our coffee the same way, stovetop espresso.  So I thought it would be fun to share our techniques for making coffee using stovetop espresso makers. I had never heard of stovetop espresso until I read an article about ultrarunner Anton Krupicka.  Anton is famous for being a "dirtbag runner" as he spends months at a time living out of his truck running and climbing.  In the article, they asked Anton how he prefers to make coffee while camping and he mentioned his Bialetti, a brand that manufactures the best selling stovetop espresso makers. I was intrigued to try making coffee...

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Our friends at Noso Patches

The outdoor startup world is really booming in the Tetons, from ski and snowboard manufacturers, apparel companies, flyfishing companies, we even have a startup school!  It's a great place to live and work and we're lucky enough to learn, grow, and partner with these young and inspirational companies.  One of our local heroes is the team at Noso Patches.  Founded by Kelli Jones in 2015 it's been amazing to watch their growth and great idea spread.  Thanks to Kelli, gone are the days of shoddy duct tape work or even worse seeing me with a needle and thread.  Kelli created an easy, durable, and fun way to patch up your puffy jacket, ski pants, sleeping bag, or tent.   Noso Patches couldn't be...

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