Leak Proof Travel Mug - How we make our Aurora Lid Leak & Spillproof

Nothing is more important to us than a lid that doesn't leak or spill.  Vacuum insulation, it's been around for years.  Beautiful designs, yep we've got that.  But if your travel mug leaks, it's garbage.

So how did we make a leak-proof travel mug?  In short, it's just two things: the highest quality gasket possible and our double stop lid design.

The lid to bottle Gasket

The gasket inside the threads of every Liquid Hardware lid is the highest quality available. When you screw the top onto your bottle you can rest assured that it will not leak at the interface between the lid and the bottle.

Double Stop Leak-Proof Lid

Shhhh we are about to give away the big secret to our leak and spill proof lid.  Are you ready?  Surface Area.  Our founder Steve, knew that many lids on the market leaked and to be successful he had to design a lid that did not leak.  Through lots of brainstorming and testing, he designed a step down into the cap to create more surface area so the lid seals very tight.  Of course, we use the highest quality materials available to seal the lid as well.  The result?  No leaks or spills guaranteed.