Hydro Dipped Stainless Steel Bottles - Beautiful & Durable

Our Rare Earth Series currently features three styles; Koa Wood Grain, Melted Colors, and Granite Big Wall.  We're working on another style called Earth's Aquarium.

We use a process called hydro dipping that allows us to literally put any image on our stainless steel water bottles and travel coffee mugs.  They're beautiful and the finish is extremely durable. 

Koa Wood Grain is an image of a Hawaiian Acacia Koa tree.  Steve Kitto, our founder, was a custom furniture maker and Koa wood was one of his favorites to work with so it made sense to do a wood grain bottle.

Melted Colors is a satellite image from Landsat 8 of Australia's Great Sandy Desert. if you look close you'll see sand dunes and rivers.  No two bottles are the same.

Granite Big Wall is for our climber friends, it's an actual image of a granite rock face.

Coming soon is Earth's Aquarium another satellite image, this time of Bering Sea.  The streaks of sand, water, and alga are simply beautiful and a powerful reminder of how special and delicate our planet is.

Bering Sea Satellite image - Earth's Aquarium