What's The Big Deal About Double Wall Water Bottles?

Double Wall Water Bottles

It seems like you see more and more insulated water bottles around.  Music festivals, beaches, parks, they are everywhere. Insulated bottles have been around since 1892 so why the huge increase in popularity now?

I think there are a few things at work here. Insulated water bottles have gotten lighter, more beautiful, functional, and easier to use which all add up to a better experience.

  • Lighter materials: Do you remember your Grandpa's old Stanley Thermos?  Huge and clunky right?  Today's bottles are made of lighter stainless steel but still insulate just as well if not better than your Grandad's.
  • Beautiful: If you're going to pack around a bottle it might as well be beautiful and show a little bit of your personal style.  Whether its a new design, artwork or just your favorite logo.  Double wall water bottles are more beautiful than ever.
  • Functional: Again, we can harken back to that old thermos in your Grandparents pantry.  Those old thermos' had lids to pour your beverage into that always got messy and you couldn't drink comfortably out of the bottle. Today we have flip top lids that don't leak, screw-top lids with convenient handles and they're easy to drink out of.
  • Easier to use:  All of this adds up to a bottle that's easier to use.  Throw in our patented magnetic lid and now not only will you never lose your lid but you can come up with all kinds of other ways to use the magnet.  Hold your keys, hold your bottle on your fridge, stick it to your car while you fumble for your keys etc.

With all of the above added up, it makes it a no-brainer to pack your ice cold water with you, especially knowing it will be cold all day. Throw that bottle in your car, beach bag, or backpack and enjoy!

double wall water bottle on fridge
double wall water bottle with magnet for lighter
double wall water bottle with magnet for keys