Our friends at Noso Patches

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The outdoor startup world is really booming in the Tetons, from ski and snowboard manufacturers, apparel companies, flyfishing companies, we even have a startup school!  It's a great place to live and work and we're lucky enough to learn, grow, and partner with these young and inspirational companies. 

One of our local heroes is the team at Noso Patches.  Founded by Kelli Jones in 2015 it's been amazing to watch their growth and great idea spread.  Thanks to Kelli, gone are the days of shoddy duct tape work or even worse seeing me with a needle and thread.  Kelli created an easy, durable, and fun way to patch up your puffy jacket, ski pants, sleeping bag, or tent.  

Noso Patches couldn't be easier to use if you've ever put a bumper sticker on a car and run your clothes dryer then you've got this!  Simply clean the area with rubbing alcohol, apply the patch, and throw it in the drier.  We patched up an old pair of Patagonia ski pants that had a run in with a tree branch (previously patched with another brands patch and it was falling off), a pair of Prana shorts that suffered a burn hole from a summer campfire, and children's ski parka that well, I don't know what happened to it but fixing it put a smile on his face!

 before noso patch  after noso patch

old patch  noso patch yellow star

noso patch dryer  noso patch finished

We also patched a puffy jacket that was shedding feathers all over the car seats.

chair with feathers  noso patches mustache

What's the best part?  They come in so many cool colors, shapes and sizes!  You can even cut out your own with their new Patchdazzle kit.  

We're excited to be partnering with Noso Patches for our "Sip & Patch" giveaway.  Sign up here to win!