Aurora™ Coffee Mug

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Aurora™ Coffee Mug
Aurora™ Coffee Mug
Aurora™ Coffee Mug
Aurora™ Coffee Mug
Aurora™ Coffee Mug
Aurora™ Coffee Mug
Aurora™ Coffee Mug
Aurora™ Coffee Mug
Aurora™ Coffee Mug
Aurora™ Coffee Mug
Aurora™ Coffee Mug
Aurora™ Coffee Mug
Aurora™ Coffee Mug
Aurora™ Coffee Mug
Aurora™ Coffee Mug
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Customize your mug!

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Stay Hot, Cold and Connected with Liquid Hardware® -Aurora™ Coffee Mug. This timeless vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle transcends functionality with its patented 360 Magnetic Lid Port™ technology - no tether to break or hinge to snap. Built with heavy duty 18/8 food grade stainless steel.  The Aurora™ is designed to be a leak proof coffee mug and to make sure we design a Double Stop magnetic flip lid to have twice the sealing power.  The wide mouth design is easy to clean and fill. Plus, by Sticking the magnetic lid to a spot on the stainless band you'll avoid placing your lid on a dirty surface while you're filling up.  Keeps your beverage Hot or Cold for hours.

Never Lose Your Lid™

  • USA Patented and International Patents
  • BPA-Free
  • Vacuum insulated
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Loop top is easy to carry
  • Magnetic lid
  • Wide mouth is easy to clean and fill
  • Fits standard cup holders
  • Branded water bottles and coffee mugs available (For Pricing and Info go HERE)

More about our hydro dipped colors: 

  • Koa Wood Grain is an image of a Hawaiian Acacia Koa tree.  Steve Kitto, our founder, was a custom furniture maker and Koa wood was one of his favorites to work with so it made sense to do a wood grain bottle.
  • Melted Colors is a satellite image from Landsat 8 of Australia's Great Sandy Desert. if you look close you'll see sand dunes and rivers.  No two bottles are the same.
  • Granite Big Wall is for our climber friends, it's an actual image of a granite rock face.


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Helen C.
United States United States
Wonderful Customer Service

Upon placing my order I called to see if the design would work, they called me back within moments and began tweaking the design to make it work. They then sent me a proof to make sure I was happy with it and shipped it could the same day to ensure it was here by the day I needed it. I am so pleased with the product and the customer service. I would give them 10 stars if I could!

Spencer K.
United States
Travel the USA

It is a coffee mug, so from the basic idea, it does very well. Keeps things warm and cool as intended, it doesn’t leak and it has held up from bumps and drops. Where it stands apart is, the design. The magnet in the lid is the BEST feature for people who tend to lose things. The fact you can custom design your mug with your name and a picture or design and the cost really isn’t that high is bar none the best part about the whole deal! My mug has traveled the US and Canada a few times now, and I expect it to be with me for a long time to come.

Americo D.
United States United States
best coffee mug around

I have tried a number of coffee mugs and must admit no other mug compares with liquid hardware in keeping liquids hot (or cold) for hours and fits perfectly in any cup holder.

Kelly S.
United States United States
The Perfect Coffee Mug

I love this mug. It keeps my coffee hot (not, “well, I don’t want to waste it so it’s still warm enough to drink, I guess”. This mug keeps it nice and HOT) for 4 hours. I’ve never had coffee in it for longer than that, but I can say with confidence that, given the temperature after 4 hours, it would still be good to go for much longer than that. My mug has never leaked, even when it gets knocked over and bounced around in my bag. The design allows for thorough and easy cleaning of the mug and lid. It fits snuggly in the car cupholder. The magnet is genius. Whether you’re in your kitchen, a cafe, or at a campsite there’s no more setting the lid on a potentially dirty surface while you make your coffee. You don’t have to worry about the lid getting lost (or dirty again) after you’ve washed your mug and set it aside to dry. It even sticks solidly to the metal shelves in my office when I need all my desk space for non-coffee things. I drink a lot of coffee and have tried just about every mug available over the years hoping to find the perfect one. The Liquid Hardware Aurora is it.

Liquid Hardware

Thank you so much for your awesome review!!! You articulated everything we are trying to communicate about Aurora Coffee Mugs. Happy Earth Day!

Jodi F.
United States United States
Awesome Product!

I purchased this for my husband, for his birthday. He had requested a HydroFlask for coffee, but I saw one of these Liquid Hardware products on a counter at a local restaurant. I was intrigued, so I looked it up when I got home. I was impressed and immediately ordered one--with the granite background, as we're climbers. The test, of course, was whether my husband would like it, since he REALLY wanted the other brand. Bottom line is that he loves it! For him, it needed to be spill-proof when he carried it in his pack, even if it ended up upside down. It passed that test with flying colors. He thought the magnetic lid was a tad gimmicky, but he uses that function all the time! He's completely in love with his new coffee mug and even uses it at home, now.

First of all, magnets are so cool, aren't they? So, for this series, we decided to embed a strip of magnetic stainless in-between the two layers of food grade 18/8 stainless that create the vacuum bottle. Then we placed a magnet on the lid, all you do is unthread the lid and stick it to the bottles magnetic collar - it's a magnetic tether for your lid. Our patented technologies simplify your life.  Check out our infographic to see how we make it all work.